Artist: Various Artists
Title: Cosmique Cleveland Compilation
Release #: MIF331
Release Date: 09/13/2016
Format: CD/Digital

01. Stephe DK - Mercury Redstone
02. Mike Crooker - Beacon
03. Dead Corporate Eyes - My Friends are Light Years Away
04. Magnetic West (with Alex Henry and Mike Sopko) - Moon-Hathor Jam
05. Todd K. Masuda - Presence Studies for Steel String Guitar
06. Evan Moran - Loop for Blinking Stars
07. Glacial23 - DigiCosm
08. Tony Vorell - Thinker
09. Rob Rosin - God so Much Blood Swallowed Between Breaths
10. J Bryan Parks - Dissolved Fragments/Memory
11. Tom Orange (with Steve Lull) - Das Herz des Himmels
12. Stephen Petrus - Callisto
13. 4DHB - Run Away (for Rachel)
14. jp1lung - Windows
15. Dr Quinn Medicine Woman - Cosmo & the Cosmettes
16. Jeff Curtis - Hyades
17. Jack Smiley - Hull Breach
18. Wyatt Howland - Reverberation Mapping
19. Rural Carrier - Spacer
20. Vanishing Cities - No Known Survivors Volume II
21. Stephan Haluska - Karman Vortex Street
22. Witchbeam - Secret Cleveland Rock & Roll Machines
23. BaatDavar - Sant Mat

This is a compilation of 27 Cleveland artists (over 23 tracks) that interpreted the theme "Cosmique" in their own unique fashion. Totally DIY project. Chipboard DVD cases were hand-pressed in a letterpress at Zygote Press in Cleveland. CD holders were spray painted in my back yard. Inserts done pro at Jakprints in CLE too. Tracks are presented in order they were recieved with no thought to sequencing. So you get what you get.

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Drag Me Home
Release #: MIF279
Year: 2014
Format: Zine / CD

01. Legs Like Tree Trunks, "Here's to Feeling Good All the Time"
02. The Harlan Twins, "Leave It Alone"
03. Allies, "Out of the Shadows"
04. shockwave riderz, "Talkin' to Mom"
05. Adult Field Trip, "Trash & Taste"
06. Night Vapor, "Branded"
07. World's Scariest Police Chases, "No Dads No Bastards"
08. Triangle and Rhino, "Dumb Ruins"
09. Enney, "You Beat Me, I'm Lifeless"
10. Cyrus Gold, "Bones"
11. Zeitgeist, "Dark Days"
12. Relationships, "Bruised Willis"
13. Driver, "OK to Disconnect"
14. Host Skull, "Do It Like I Can"
15. Sleep Experiments, "The Long Way"
16. Edhochuli, "Pizza Party at the Castle"
17. T-Tops, "Plates"
18. Roger Harvey & the Wild Life, "City Deer"
19. The Lopez, "Cubito Aequet"
20. Weird Paul, "Going to See Enya"
21. The Lampshades, "Hope on a Rope"
22. Trapper's Harp, "Smell the Glove is Here"

22 bands from Pittsburgh's east end. 22 artists. 10+ writers creating works that act as snapshots of life in Pittsburgh. Tell yr friends.

The zine gets its name from a Replacements song that doesn't exist. "Drag" is also an excellent verb. "Home" can mean so many things to so many people...especially for most friends of mine who dwell in Pittsburgh.
If I lived in a happily-ever-after-fairy-tale world, the title would be, "Drag Me Home To You" but that doesn't seem to be the case. 

So yeah. Hard copies of the zine + compilation (on CD---sorry can't afford vinyl, folks) will be released Friday June 27th. Honestly I was amazed at every song that was sent to me for this...goes the same for the artwork. This city's talented, man. 

Don't live in Pittsburgh and can't make it to a record/book store in the area? You'll be able to order a copy (or!) on the My Idea of Fun website (thanks to mr brandon locher). Everything will eventually be available digitally too!

For more information about "Drag Me Home" please visit this Facebook page:

  Artist: Various Artists
Title: Highlights from 3 Song Show
Release #: MIF249
Release Date: 01/16/2013
Format: Digital

01. Laika The Astrohound - Chance Is The Only Constant
02. Christopher S. Bell - Gray Days
03. Mike Miller - Laura Beth
04. The One and Only Matt Miller - The Cellular Ballad of Reddy and Aimee
05. Alex Rudowezkee
06. Emmy Volkar - Not Doin Nothin
07. My Idea of Fun - The Summer's Pull
08. Brady Lanzendorfer - Space Coast, Ghost to Ghost
09. The Stray - Still Too Early?
10. Nathan Burns - My Mind...Maybe
11. Emily Stilwell - Western Pennsylvania
12. Chris Kupchella
13. Emmett and Mary - Surveying Revelations

Recorded by Sean Jackson on his iPhone - 01/12/2013. Sadly Eric Schwerer's performance is MIA because Sean was outside having a cigarette.

  Artist: Various Artists
Title: Music for Bad Weather
Release #: MIF248
Release Date: 01/29/2013
Format: Relief-Printed Poster w/ Cassette Tape / Digital

Side A:
Radio Tune
More Woods for the Forest - The One and Only Matt Miller
Calendered 2 - Narrow Berth
Radio Wave

Side B:
Other Wave - Brandon Locher
The Long Now - Alchemeleon
Other Water

All songs produced by the artists
Editing & Field Reocrdings by Jacob Koestler
Artwork & "Translation" by Anna Tararova 
"Interpretation" performed by Ax Wagon

  Artist: Various Artists
Title: House Party Christmas
Release #: MIF245
Release Date : 12/25/2012
Format: Digital

01. Introduction
02. Dan Oatman - Charles Brown's My Idea of Lonely Hearts Christmas Medley
03. Christopher S. Bell - Happy, Hollow Days
04. Rod Fisher, Michael McDermit, Joe Marino, Matt Shawley - Merrily, Happly
05. Scott Jeffreys - Christmas with Emmy
06. The One and Only Matt Miller - Doorman's Song
07. Brady Lanzendorfer - Space Coast, Ghost to Ghost
08. School night - Lincoln
09. Ryan Bertuzzi - Trying to Call John Beard Five Times...
10. Ryan Hirko - We're Both So Sorry
11. Lady and Crisp - Heroin
12. Rob Beatty - 2 Hardcores
13. Starship - Forever Young
14. Laika the Astrohound - Cliff Notes to a Song by Laika The Astrohound
15. Keystone Kids featuring The Stray - I Wish I Had A Brain
16. ????????
17. Brandon Locher - Recording Instructions
18. The Stray with Emmy - Still Too Early?
19. The Smithsonians - Ask
20. Rainer Maria - Rise Resurrection
21. Katie Rhodes - There's Always Tomorrow
22. NYKDLN - Handywicks Chuckabee

All songs recorded by My Idea of Fun on December 22, 2012 at Emmy's Christmas Party, Johnstown, PA.

  Artist: Various Artists
Title: Roberto Clemente Rookie Card, Early 2012
Release #: MIF218
Year: 2012
Format: Digital

Roberto Clemente Rookie Card would like to personally thank each artist who put their time, effort, thought and energy into making this compilation exactly what it turned out to be. Each and every one of you are an inspiration, friend and the reason RCRC exists. Thank you. 

Roberto Clemente Rookie Card, Early 2012 is also proudly available from My Idea of Fun

Artist: Various Artists
Title: House Party, Vol. 2
Release #: MIF171
Year: 2010
Format: Digital

01. Robyn - Hang With Me
02. The One and Only Matt Miller - [(So) Long] Live Rock n Roll
  (Brent's Ranch, Pottsville, PA / House Show, Pittsburgh, PA)
03. The One and Only Matt Miller - The Sun / Hidden Song pt 2
  (709 Railroad Street, Johnstown, PA)
04. Drew & The Medicinal Pen - Tomorrow Will Make It Up
  (House Show, Pittsburgh, PA)
05. Drew & The Medicinal Pen - Hey Chanae
  (House Show, Pittsburgh, PA)
06. Stream Walking / Early Morning Ranch Riff
  (Brent's Ranch, Pottsville, PA)
07. Emmett and Mary - The View from Across Linden Street (Do-Da-Do-Do)
  (Brent's Ranch, Pottsville, PA)
08. Drew & The Medicinal Pen - The Lie
  (Brent's Ranch, Pottsville, PA)
09. Drew & The Medicinal Pen - Baking In The Sun
  (House Show, Pittsburgh, PA)
10. The One and Only Matt Miller - Dreaming Collective(ly)
  (House Show, Pittsburgh, PA)
11. The One and Only Matt Miller - The Virgin Sucides
  (House Show, Pittsburgh, PA / 709 Railroad Street, Johnstown, PA)
12. Ranch Riff / Outside show in LaVale, MD / Outside Abandoned
  (House in Vintondale, PA)
13. Technological Epidemic - Gray Days
  (Brent's Ranch, Pottsville, PA)
14. Robyn - Hang With Me (Acoustic)

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Satori in Johnstown, Year One
Release #: MIF106
Year: 2009
Format: CD (Out of Print) / Digital

Satori 1 - July 25, 2008
01. Dave DiStefano - Relijah [MP3]
02. Air Anchor - Marita's Ride [MP3]
03. Steve Earl Scruggs - Morning Light [MP3]

Satori 2 - October 11, 2008
04. Tyler Rullo & Tim Levadnuk - Holly's Song [MP3]
05. Emmett and Mary - Hell on Echo Avenue [MP3]

Satori 3 - November 8, 2008
06. Jody Perigo - Sexy Spaced Out Zombie [MP3]
07. Mike Miller - Absolution [MP3]

Satori 4 - November 13, 2008
08. Conundrum - Juan [MP3]
09. The Mad Muse - Unequipped [MP3]
10. PK Harmon - What Foot [MP3]

Satori 5 - December 26, 2008
11. Dan Oatman - The Tahneen [MP3]
12. Dallas Zimmerman - Song 3 [MP3]
13. The Bloodpipes - Seika the Visla [MP3]

Satori 6 - January 30, 2009
14. Justin Garman - Walk Aways [MP3]
15. The Sunflower Spectacle - I'm a Ghost. No, I'm a Monster [MP3]
16. The Popular Front - What a Day [MP3]

The door to Satori officially opened to the public on March 21, 2008. Since that moment we all have been lucky enough to share many great nights of music and art, with some of the brightest minds / hearts of this area, Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

The walls have held the most beautiful works of art, by the same people who have shown me what true art is throughout my life. It's happiness. It's sadness. It's inspiration. It's freedom. It is life.

So to my great friends -
TK Mundok
Mark Ed
Patrick J. Ditko
Thank you for your influence and brotherhood

The gallery holds an electricity, an energy. The musicians have unlocked it every time. You can hear it, and you can feel it. A real connection. A group mind holding an eagerness to explore another's expression. An awareness of creation, style and a respect of vision.

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Satori Gallery Presents The Johnstown, PA Halloween Compilation
Release #: MIF071
Year: 2008
Format: CD (Out of Print) / Digital

01. Glenn Henry - Nevermore [MP3]
02. Scott Jeffreys - Skullduggery [MP3]
03. 709 Railroad Street / My Idea of Fun - Flesh & Blood, Brick & Mortar [MP3]
04. Dave D and the Bernstein Brothers - Monster Couch [MP3]
05. 709 Railroad Street / My Idea of Fun - Ballad of the Wrongly Accused [MP3]
06. 709 Railroad Street / My Idea of Fun - Scary Songs to Sing in the Arc [MP3]
07. Justin Garman - Not Even Stingy Jack (Can Bring Her Back) [MP3]
08. 709 Railroad Street / My Idea of Fun - The Red Scare [MP3]
09. Adam Mundok - Looking Upon Her as Death Takes Her [MP3]
10. 709 Railroad Street / My Idea of Fun - PK and the Little Kids [MP3]
11. John Charney - Mourningside (Edit) [MP3]
12. 709 Railraod Street / My Idea of Fun - Underappreciated [MP3]
13. Jeff Perigo - Jesus Does Not Like Halloween [MP3]
14. 709 Railroad Street / My Idea of Fun - What to do When the Woods... [MP3]

Artist: Various Artists
Title: 709 Railroad Street
Release #: MIF055
Year: 2008
Format: CD (Out of Print) / Digital

01. A Brand New Jersey - Double Agent [MP3]
02. Cynic Meets The Believer - Tree Trunks [MP3]
03. Discordia - American Woman [MP3]
04. Disfigurement - Shut The Eye of Reason [MP3]
05. Drought - Double, Man [MP3]
06. Endless Mike and the Beagle Club - Baghdad [MP3]
07. Fathomless Enigma Machine - Say a Prayer For Surfboy [MP3]
08. February Fourteenth - 8 years (No, Make it 9) [MP3]
09. Gregor Dies - Care To Look Up [MP3]
10. The Headaches - Leg of Lamb [MP3]
11. Juliet Letters - Knots [MP3]
12. The Lampshades - Business Card [MP3]
13. Lung Rip - Treehouse [MP3]
14. Mean Streak - Dreams Pass In Time [MP3]
15. Dan Oatman - Whatever Draws or Passes [MP3]
16. Siamese Dream - Arthur Ritis [MP3]
17. Soundrive - Carpe Diem [MP3]
18. The Static Transistor - Architects [MP3]
19. The Sussex Pledge - Silence is Blasphemy [MP3]
20. Wrestling Secrets - You Sound Sweaty [MP3]
21. Dallas Zimmerman - Thanks For Waking Me Up [MP3]

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Things We Lost In The Fire
Release #: MIF036
Year: 2007
Format: Digital

01. Soundrive - Jetplane
02. Cody Wallat - HAHA --
03. Endless Mike and the Beagle Club - Bavis, The Baby Davis
04. Lauren Adams - Apples Fallin Down
05. Elementary Thought Process - Sideways Eight
06. Dan Oatman - With A Box In The Passenger Seat
07. Dan Oatman + Brandon Locher - In Conversation
08. Brandon Locher - Hair Cut
09. Cages - Diamond Mouths Kiss Diamond Eyes
10. Naughty Naughty Nurses -
11. The Sleepy Trees - Ghost Town
12. Fat Child - You Are My Sunshine
13. P.K. Harmon - Ikonaan Kwe

Recorded, Documented, and Curated by Brandon Locher
(except Track 5 recorded by Matt Davis)
Artist: Various Artists
Title: House Party, Vol. 1
Release #: MIF016
Year: 2007
Format: CD (Out of Print) / Digital

01. Endless Mike and the Beagle Club - All Points Bulletin
02. Boy - Thunder Road
03. Ryan White - 666
04. Donny Davito - Just Kidding
05. P.K. Harmon - Love Don't Last Too Long
06. Paleo - Forever In Dog Years
07. Yes, But Slowly - Overnight
08. Cody Walat - Something I Can Never Have
09. Mary Christ - Mary Christ
10. Endless Mike and the Beagle Club - The Other Megan
11. P.K. Harmon - Let My Love Open The Door
12. Eric Schwerer - Hook by James Wright
13. Dane Adelman - Detox and the Devil
14. Paleo - In The Morning Linda Dies

Recorded, Documented, and Curated by Brandon Locher.
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