Artist: The Upstairs
Title: Hockey, Please
Release #: MIF079
Format: CD (Out of Print) / Online Release

01. Hockey League Of Her Own [MP3]
02. I'd Surf Pine Trees [MP3]
03. I Love Wednesdays [MP3]
04. Jennifer [MP3]
05. If You're Ever In Texas [MP3]
06. About Not Going To The Beach [MP3]
07. She, She, She, She [MP3]
08. Greener Grasses [MP3]
09. Nevertheless, Tugboats Tug On [MP3]
10. Strawberry Blonde [MP3]

The Upstairs! are just little boys.

They are:
Brady Lanzendorfer!
Brian Fisher!
Chad Crumrine!

Recorded by Dane Adelman on August 9th, 10th, and finished on Halloween '08.
All songs by Brady Lanzendorfer, but made good by The Upstairs!
All songs written about, and inspired by Jennifer.