Artist: The Meets
Title: It Happens Outside
Release #: MIF254
Release Date: 10/01/2013
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Pressing: Limited to 300 units

01. Shruti's Song
02. Stoned Eyes
03. Nobody, Not Even The Rain
04. The Fish's Eye
05. She Who Laughs Last
06. Broadcast Fireworks Display (Pt. 1)
07. Today Grew Dark

08. Knocking On The Ground (Album Version)
09. Even When The Time Comes
10. The Witching Hour
11. As A Period In Which Nothing Happens
12. Broadcast Fireworks Display (Pt. 2)

Written and Produced by Brandon Locher
Mastered by Nick Zammuto
Jacket Printing by Jeff Mueller for Dexterity Press
Cover Art by Julie Mallis

The Meets:
Dane Adelman - Bass, organ
Rachel Allen - Crystal bowls, shruti box, finger cymbals
Jean Brinker - Bells, crystal bowls, hand bells, wind chimes
Dave DiStefano - Drum set
Jeff Goble - Harmonica
Bethany Goch - Clarinet, field-recordings
Bud Jackson - Congas, drum circle
Dylan Jackson - Drum circle
Nathan Jackson - Drum circle
Scott Jeffreys - Fretless bass
Chris Klym - Drum set, drum circle
Brandon Locher - Acoustic guitar, bells, cello, drum circle, field-recordings, flute, harmonica, prepared piano, rhodes, sound collage, samples, trumpet, tv
Greg Meredith - Drum set
Matt Miller - Additional processing
Scotty Mina - Drum circle
Adam Mundok - Congas, saxophone
Jono Poltrack - Drum circle
Kate Robson - Trombone
Ian Rummell - Feedback
John Thorell - Cello, violins

Artist: The Meets
Title: Conundrum, 2009
Release #: MIF240
Release Date: 10/24/2012
Format: Digital

Conundrum will lead the drum circle, which is open to anyone willing to bring a drum, bucket, cowbell or anything else capable of pounding out a rhythm. Performed live on June 9th, 2009. Field recording by Brandon Locher and used for source material and sampling for The Meets' full length, It Happens Outside (coming in 2013).

Dave DiStefano
Bud Jackson
Dylan Jackson
Nathan Jackson
Chris Klym
Brandon Locher
Scotty Mina
Adam Mundok
Jono Poltrack

In memory of Chris Klym

Artist: The Meets
Title: Even When The Time Comes
Release #: MIF236
Release Date: 10/16/2012
Format: Digital

01. Even When The Time Comes
02. 16 Hours of This (16 Hours of Video Games)
03. Disappear Here
04. Disorient
05. Motion Studies

All Tracks Written & Produced by Brandon Locher
Track 1 mastered by Nick Zammuto
Tracks 2-5 mastered by TJ Lipple

Also featuring:
Rachel Allen - Percussion
Siri Dev - Drum set
Jeff Goble - Vocals (track: 2)
Scott Jeffreys - Fretless bass
Adam Mundok - Saxophone
Zonal Patcher - Prepared keyboard
Corey Shawley - Violin
John Thorell - Violin
Matt Wagner - Electric guitar, trumpet
Abigail Wess - Cello

Cover art by Julie Mallis

"Even When The Time Comes" video by Lora Gettelfinger
"Disorient" video by Jacob Koestler
"Motion Studies" video by Julie Mallis

Artist: The Meets
Title: Sketch/Tempo Map for LP2
Release #: MIF185
Release Date: 05/21/2011
Format: Book + CD (Out of print)

Directions in Music by Brandon Locher:
The Meets - Sketch/Tempo Map for LP2

"I understood music as a process of elimination and addition." - Stockhausen

01. (opening theme)
02. page 3
03. page 3 till page 5
04. page 5 till page 6
05. page 6 till page 7
06. page 7 till page 8
07. page 8 till page 10
08. page 10
09. page 10 till page 12
10. page 12 till page 15
11. page 15
12. page 15
13. page 15 till page 17
14. page 17 till page 18
15. page 18 till page 19
16. page 19 till page 20
17. page 21
18. (closing thoughts)

Sketch/Tempo Map for LP2 is a 21 page hardcover book of hand-notated manuscript paper outlining music on the provided CD.

Sketch/Tempo Map for LP2 was realized with the following musicians:
Dane Adelman, Rachel Allen, Jean Brinker, Dave DiStefano, Bethany Goch, Bud Jackson, Dylan Jackson, Nathan Jackson, Chris Klym, Brandon Locher, Scotty Mina, Adam Mundok, and Jono Poltrack.

Artist: The Meets
Title: 1
Release #: MIF057
Release Date: MAR 2 5 2008
Format: Digital

01. Drum & Cello
02. Some Other Harlot
03. 1.3
04. Emmett & Mary
05. Art Song
06. RIP Mr. Fysh?
07. Ambient Music
08. Spooks In Space [Part 1]
09. Spooks In Space [Part 2]
10. 56
11. Inside A Lot

John Thorell meets
Brandon Volkman meets
Brandon Locher meets
Adam Cullum meets
Dave DiStefano meets
Erin Sheridan meets
Pierre Ahlstrom

Produced by Brandon Locher
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