Artist: The Lampshades
Title: Are Alright
Release #: MIF286
Format: CD/Digital

01. Floating
02. Atlanta
03. Waiting For Your Call
04. Baltimore
05. Doesn't Matter Now
06. Teenage Soul
07. Liberty Vs. Security
08. I'd Rather Just Neglect
09. Keep On Moving On
10. Restless
11. Wait Forever
12. Numbskill
13. Bored

Artist: The Lampshades
Title: Arena Punk
Release #: MIF261
Release Date: 09/17/2013
Format: CD/Digital

01. Teenage Soul
02. Atlanta
03. Police Scanner
04. No Other Direction
Artist: The Lampshades
Title: Are Alright
Release #: MIF043
Format: CD/Digital

01. Point of No Return
02. What's That Mean
03. Yenlo
04. I'm So Different
05. Best That I Can
06. Mad Father's Got a Gun
07. The Greatest Victim
08. Scotland
09. My Boyfriend's Band
10. Girl From Another State
11. City Lights
12. Business Card
13. I Guess I'm Doing Just Fine
14. Just Keep Rolling On

The Lampshades Are Alright.
Recorded between June 2007 and June 2008. Engineered, produced, and mixed by Dane Adelman in various places throughout central and western Pennsylvania. Mastered by TJ Lipple. All songs written by Jaren Love. Strings and horns arranged by Dane Adelman. Cover photos and layout by Johnny Blough. Insert photos by: Sam Gorsuch, Mandie Gorsuch, Tim Cole, Johnny Blough, Chad Wright, and Andrew Carroll. Guest Musicians: Abby Bence - Violin (track 13), Rob Wallace - Cello (track 13), and Read Connolly - Lap steel guitar (track 3). The Lampshades are Dane Adelman, Chris Kibler, Brady Lanzendorfer, and Jaren Love.

© 2008 ASCAP The Lampshades/Soap Bar Records.
Soap Bar Records Release 002. My Idea of Fun release 043.
Special thanks to our family and friends.

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