[From Left to Right: Sister Heidi, Brother Cody, Brother Rod, A Sister, A Brother, Brother Doug, Brother Josh, Father PK, Sister Elizabeth, Brother Yawn, Sister Amanda, Sister Kendra, Sister Laura, Brother Jacob, Sister Emmy, Sister Laci, Brother Matt, Brother John, and completing the circle the photographer Brother Crafty.
Artist: Steve Earle Scruggs
Release #: MIF048
Format: Cassette Tape (Out of Print)
Complete Pressing: 09 Copies

At 2:01 PM - JAN 28 2008 Brother Matt called my cell phone and it made this sound.
Brother Matt asked if I would like to make a tape with him and John. I agreed.

Brother Matt, Brother John, and Sister Elizabeth came into my bedroom / studio to record a tape that we could share with our other brothers and sisters. Steve Earle Scruggs recorded four songs in my bedroom. Later that night BP, Meek, a friend, and Steve Earle Scruggs played in Brother Mike's living room. During the gathering Brother Cody and I dubbed 9 cassette tapes. Starting with the first and dubbing the second, dubbing the second to make a third, taking the third to make a fourth until everyone that wanted a cassette had a cassette.

If you would like a copy of this tape talk to sister Kendra who already suggested an interest in making more copies. She has cassette #4. One day sister Kendra will have a beautiful harvest.


6:24 AM
JAN 29, 2008


1. One or two of the last tapes I made last night I forgot to snap the little things out of the top that prevent it from being taped over. I think they were somewhere around #MIF048/07 or /08. There's probably tape over the little tab things anyway, but check yours out -- you know, just so you're aware.

2. If you re-dub/copy your tape, the following is the proper way to label/number it:
For this example, say you have tape MIF048/09 from the show.

If you dub it onto another tape, that tape should be numbered MIF048/09/01, NOT MIF048/10.

Also, once you've recorded off of your original, do not tape off of it again. In other words, if you're making multiples, don't make all of the multiples off of your original. Always make the next tape off of the last tape you dubbed. So the next one you dub should be called MIF048/09/02 and should be copied from MIF048/09/01. Get it?

If you end up giving away your last one or something, and go back and use an earlier one of a particular series to tape from, start another set of numbers.

In other words, any time you make a copy that is not copied from the LAST tape that you dubbed, start a new set of numbers.

Like in our earlier example, say you made copies all the way up to MIF048/09/05. If you go back and use MIF048/09/03 to tape from, the first tape made from that should be numbered MIF048/09/03/01, and then when you make one off of that, it's MIF048/09/03/02. Get it?

Okay, so if for some reason you decide to make a CD of it, use the same system of numbering, but put "CD" in front of the last number (the new number you start). So if you made a CD off of tape MIF048/09/03/02, then the CD will be numbered MIF048/09/03/02/CD01. Got it?

Other than the numbering system, you may label the new tapes any way you want. I'm spelling the name "Stevearlscruggs," but you can spell it however you want. But i mean as long as it's some spelling that looks like "Steve Earl Scruggs." Not like some dumbass artsy smartass BL9I-%3KKdts "huh huh it's pronounced 'steve earl scruggs'" crap. Then again, you can do that too.

Alright that's it.