Artist: Red Benches
Title: Where It Was When I Wanted It
Release #: MIF196
Format: CD / Cassette Tape / Online Release
Release Date: May 21, 2011

01. Watching Wonder Years All Day
02. Jars With Water In Them
03. Watching Frisbee At Night
04. Stupid Bunny
05. D. France (MP3)
06. Makin` Messes (myself)
07. It's Not In Your Head
08. So (too?) Bluntly
09. I Cut My Leg Off Because I Wanted To Be A Woman
10. Get REAL, Man
11. It's Snowing So Fucking Hard Out
12. Short Story For Class
13. I Wrote This One Crying.
14. SECRET (dumb) TRACK
15. Emerson Alan Wright
16. Thanks
17. It Matters Just As Much As It Doesn't (when we come to a clearing) (MP3)


This (first) Red Benches release is a collection of things I have recorded over the last 5 years at during very different stages of my life. The sound quality of these tracks is not what's on my mind, nor what should be on yours when you take your first listen. This release is about filing and remembering; about reveling and accepting. There will only be 20 copies made. 5 tape, 15 cd. Each comes with a 40 page, color, hand bound book, including pictures that I, or my family have taken, as well as lyrics to every song on the album.

Thank you for your life. Enjoy.