Artist: Melk
Title: Winter Garden Photograph
Release #: MIF258
Format: Cassette Tape/Digital
Release Date: 04/05/2013

01. Convertible
02. Sunshine Moonshine
03. Let Her Go
04. Tough Love
05. Wash Me Away
06. Lit Piggy
07. Long Hairs
08. Shadows On Shadows
09. Palindrome

Winter Garden Photograph is the debut studio album of Melk, a rock band from Athens, OH.

Jacob Koestler - Guitar, vocals, artwork 
Chris Lee - Drums, keys, backing vocals 
JJ Reed - Bass, acoustics, vocals 

Recorded at the Danger Room 
Athens, OH - January 2013 
Engineered by Rob Mokry 
Produced by Melk 
Mastered by Chris Lee
Catalog #MIF258 

Cassette tape & 8-track tape versions available from: 

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