Artist: Livin` Free
Title: Nomadik Pestilence
Release #: MIF058
Format: Cassette Tape (Out of Print) / Online Release

A: [MP3]
01. Fat Hoggers
02. Acid Hound

B: [MP3]
03. Little Brown Sunshine
04. Land Of A Thousand Slaves

fumbles like for the the first time

telephon'e lin'e that delivers static to late n'ight in'fomercials

rough draft of the future

n'ot weird an'd fun'n'y, but totally true

stumblin'g little speck of gen'ius yellin'g treatises on' the horrors of the feudal system

burrowin'g an'd furrowin'g

house destroyin'g free willy drummin'g corded crotch spit laden' agen'ts of chastity

stran'ge an'd clumsy

primal soun'ds from subsuburbia

collective con'fusion' of babblin'g in' cipher

rock from the garage totally should be

how lon'g sin'ce your last hair cut

wished quietly to have had been' wun'derkin'd

spotlit dead tree in' my n'eighbors fron't yard

probably loses in'terest in' subtitled ren'tals

ripped riff giggers

growin'g up in' the hills

salmon' who always swim down'stream

tin'y tufts of fur an'd spittle wan'kin'g off the pole of in'dolen'ce

glossy on'e off batch han'gin'g in' the depths

declarin'g war on' the sycophan'ts

filibuster busters

growin'g old down'town'

drun'k an'd 10 min'utes n'ot bad

death rattle of coun'terculture

overexposed imagery offerin'g a primitive glimpse in'to societys dirtiest

almost arcadian'

n'obodies lookin'g back

let me kn'ow if you n'eed an'y DIY auto care tips while Im still here