Artist: Jacob Koestler
Title: My Copy of The Emigrants
Release #: MIF343
Format: Gallery Installation
Release Date: May 2017

Installation of a soft-cover book on a shelf, an image screen printed directly on the wall and two framed photographs:
My Copy of the Emigrants (pt. 1, 1996 English Translation)
My Copy of the Emigrants (pt. 2, Anna as The Leaping Stag)
Two Seconds, Saint Petersburg, Russia (pts. 1 & 2)

"There I stood, in my dark green pullover with the leaping stag on it, in front of fifty-one fellow pupils, all staring at me with the greatest possible curiosity; and, as if from a great distance, I heard Paul say that I had arrived at precisely the right moment, since he had been telling the story of the stag's leap only the day before, and now the image of the leaping stag, worked into the fabric of my pullover, could be copied onto the blackboard. He asked me to take off the pullover and take a seat in the back row beside Fritz Binswanger for the time being, while he, using my picture of a leaping stag, would show us how an image could be broken down into numerous tiny pieces – small crosses, squares or dots – or else assembled from these. In no time I was bent over my exercise book, beside Fritz, copying the leaping stag from the blackboard onto my grid-marked paper."

W.G. Sebald, The Emigrants, 1992

“In W.G. Sebald's books, a narrator travels about registering evidence of the mortality of nature, recoiling from the ravages of modernity, musing over the secrets of obscure lives. On some mission of investigation, triggered by a memory or news from a world irretriev­ably lost, he remembers, evokes, hallucinates, grieves.”

Susan Sontag, On W.G. Sebald, 2000

The pictures that inhabit Sebald’s pages are essential conflations, fusing a seemingly nonfiction text and his own empirical history. Personal experiences are inherent to the initial framing and split–second decisions when making a photograph. Often times after waiting for film processing and scanning, these actions can be remembered differently, other dots connected on the contact sheet. The speed of information that dominates the everyday rapidly shifts and pushes against this thoughtful practice, simultaneously obscuring history through subjectivity and also presenting new, clearer connections to affective literature, music and relationships.

Jacob Koestler, Artist Statement, 2017.

Artist: Jacob Koestler
Title: Moon Water
Release #: MIF338
Format: Video Essay
Release Date10/31/2016

Citing the works of W.G. Sebald, Robert Frank and Alvin Lucier, this video essay examines humans' role in our post-industrial world while imagining a new home elsewhere in outer space.

Artist: Jacob Koestler
Title: It Took a Week for a Length of Rope to Move a Foot
Release #: MIF323
Format: Handmade Book
Release DateApril 28, 2016
Edition of: 25 + 2 AP
Price: $20.00

Photographed in Athens, Ohio on the corner of Miller and State Street while walking to work.
Screen printed at Zygote Pree in Cleveland, Ohio with Anna Tararova
Bound at Home in Cleveland Heights, Ohio (and in West Philly at Kendra's place)

Artist: Jacob Koestler
Title: Salt Water
Release #: MIF310
Format: Handmade Book
Release DateDecember 8, 2013
Edition of: 53
Price: $12.50

24 pages, soft cover, saddle-stitched, 5" x 8"
Interior pages printed in Athens, OH on Barry O'Keefe's Risograph
Cover printed at The Cleveland Institute of Art
and embossed in Cleveland, OH at Zygote Press with Anna Tararova
Bound and glued at home in November, 2015

Photographed on winter walks to the bus stop in Cleveland, OH, the images of dirty snow piles and rock salt stains chart a journey though a city unfriendly to its pedestrians. Taken out of context and devoid of perspective or scale, the forms in this book turn otherworldly and represent meditation by a recent transplant to the north coast.

Artist: Jacob Koestler
Title: The Only Ones // The Other One
Release #: MIF267 // MIF268
Format: Books
Release DateDecember 4, 2013
Edition of: 40
Price: $25 / set (Out of print)

pt. 1: The Only Ones
soft cover, saddle-stitched, 5.25" x 8.25"
36 pages, 25 b&w / color photographs

pt. 2: The Other One
soft cover, saddle-stitched, 5.25" x 8.25"
44 pages, 32 b&w / color photographs

Each book includes a 16.5" x 8.5" screen print, edition of 40
printed at Paper Circle Press in Nelsonville, OH

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Artist: Jacob Koestler
Title: Skidmark Ingrain
Release #: MIF231
Format: Handmade Book
Release Date: February 2012
Details: On view during the group exhibition Fledgling Theory, consisting of work by Ohio University MFA candidates. February 7 - March 3, 2012 at Trisolini Gallery in Athens, OH.

Artist: Jacob Koestler
Title: Tagged, Reclaimed
Release #: MIF202
Format: Book / CD
Release Date: August 2011
Edition of: 12

Details: 36 pages, 5.5" x 7", soft cover, hand stamped, includes CD
book and compilation by Jacob Koestler, July 2011
photographed in Johnstown, PA

01. Narrow Berth - Book Block
  from the online release, Out of Rut, Please [MIF194]
02. Brandon Locher - Geo Metro
  released as an online single [MIF172]
03. Higher Fives - Employee of the Moth
  from the cassette/compact disc, Cystems [MIF201]
04. The Sunflower Spectacle - Piss Wedding
  from the Self-Titled compact disc [MIF107]
05. Dallas Zimmerman - Send Me Letters
  previously unreleased
06. Drew & the Medicinal Pen - Love Song #1
  from the self-released record, Heavy Head
07. The One and Only Matt Miller - Dreaming Collective(ly)
  originally found on the compact disc, The Vienna Noise Choir [MIF162] (2011 remix)
08. Siamese Dream - Arthur Ritis
  from the 709 Railroad Street benefit compilation, [MIF055]
09. Hark! - DNR
  from the compact disc, Halfway Ghosts [MIF117]
10. Cursed Knife - Death Rattle
  from the cassette, Blood Drive [MIF110]
11. Emmett and Mary - The Book of Idols
  from the compact disc, S/T [MIF064]
12. Endless Mike and the Beagle Club - All Points Bulletin
  from the compact disc, The Husky Tenor first released on Friends Make Records and later on Crafty Records
13. Lung Rip - Tree House
  from the compact disc, Soar Higher than Your Father Expects
[MIF067] (709 version)
14. Drought - Slaves ‘til the Grave
  from the compact disc, Time Spent Below [MIF075]
15. Hulot - Your Favorite Place
  from the Self-Titled online release [MIF141]
16. Dan Oatman - One and One
  from the compact disc/book, Carl the Eisegete [MIF190] (2010 demo)
17. Technological Epidemic - Pink Jinx
  from the online release, Hollow Cost [MIF174]
18. Fern - Mineralization
  from the compact disc, Fern’s Inner Growth [MIF182]
19. The Hit and Miss Engines - With or Without You
  from the Works and Days box set [MIF183]


Title: Something in the Way, but Barely There
Release #: MIF180
Format: Book
Release Date: May 2011
Edition of: 10 w/ 2 AP

Details: 21 pages, 8.5" x 5.5", 18 lustre photographs + 3 xerox copies, hard cover