Artist: Higher Fives
Title: Tunnel At The End Of The Light
Release #: MIF253
Release Date: 02/14/2013
Format: Digital

Higher Fives:
Ben Houck
Mike McDermit
Matt Miller

Recorded and mixed by Matt and Mike
Art by Mike
Songs by Matt

Artist: Higher Fives
Title: Cystems
Release #: MIF201
Release Date: 07/12/2011
Format: Cassette Tape (Out of Print) / Digital

"All endings have beginnings,"
That's what daddy used to say.
It took a while to understand,
But ever since that day,
You've been wrapping up the present like tomorrow's all you got
And you'll follow in his footsteps to that patch of land he bought.
The only thing your daddy owns
Is where he's gonna rest his bones someday.
So, dig that groovy grave
And make sure
He made room for
His first born slave.
While you're digging, there's your sibling
Pissing on your head.
"What's the fun if everyone respects the living dead?"
Your sister sucked the system's tit
For 25 years to get rich quick.
She bought a plastic bubble 'cause
You don't get better when you're sick.
But, it's real nice inside.
Jacket and tie.
So, what did you take away from the Gilded Age?
"It's never too late to learn ballet and burn out while you fade away".
Your mommy changed careers
From philosopher
To housewife.
She knows life's a broken prophylactic, and you were born despite
All the best laid plans of a carefree woman and a careful man.
Now the mice laugh,
With their mouths full,
At the mousetrap on her hand.
And she never sleeps, 'cause when she dreams, she dreams of staying asleep.
Don't wait. Don't worry.
No haste, no hurry.
You've got a lot more time to waste.
Your peers stop singing,
Your ears stop ringing.
Sentimental value, son, is so simple to replace.
So, sell for scraps your selfish acts
Lay away your childish things.
Hock your highs and pawn your pride and
Your fingers with your wedding rings.
Tell your loved ones to tell their friends.
"All beginnings end".

Are you there, God? It's me, the guy Margaret likes.
I'm getting off in one more stop.
From there, we have to walk.
To keep our shoes from falling off,
Let's tie the knot.
If I knew now what I knew then, I wouldn't have to ask again.
If I can call you Betty, will you call me sir?
Lord knows it's all downhill from her.
An old bling dog still howls at you.
Didn't you expect him to?
He's still got teeth so he don't care.
You wanna know why I'm not scared?
'Cause I'm on the next train back to where we were.
Lord knows it's all downhill from her,
My Venus Inferred.
I know You have no plans for me.
I know she has a destiny.
I know You need her to believe.
Without her, where'd We be?
The day before the rest of my life the train derailed the engine caught fire my body broke but she was fine she prayed to god don't let him die please spare us both don't take his life. She cried so loud he must have heard so now I gotta keep her word Thy will be done I will be true if that's the least that I can do then that's the most that I will do.

Enriching the Saints
There's a war on the streets
The motorcade's coming through.
Can we count on you to do what you "gotta do"?
I don't vote.
Thanks, though.
They rented out a hall
So bring your masks and your maps.
Wanna watch the ones who wanna help it all collapse?
I don't go to shows.
Somewhere someone should say so:
You made great Mongols moments ago.
How'd you let your hair get long?
Enriching the saints and praying to bombs.
Buying the bridges and burning the farms.
Listening to laws and breaking into song,
Heaven help the fool who found the right way of doing it wrong.

Railroad Trackmarks
Well…the car that I been livin' in
Finally broke down.
And…the wrong side of the tracks just chased
The last train out of town.
It made me wonder why you stuck around…
We're losing blood and blood relatives
The kids know not to go so close to where the Felon lives.
"I got you, babe. You got one call".
I'm calling my shot
I'm going over the wall.
You need to get away?
That can be arranged.
Can't find a destination?
You can always find a vein.
It made me wonder why you'd want to stay.
We're overworked and overpaid.
The Felon knows exactly where the neighbors' children play.
He counts to ten.
He steals a look.
It's getting dark when it starts getting good.
It's leaving the needles in haystacks and hayseeds and waiting and praying for someone to save me.
Something is bound to go your way,
But you're fucking crazy if you're thinkin' that today's that day
Well…they pulled a miracle.
They let their cameras roll.
They pulled you from the mine.
Looks like you'll have to find a better place to hide.

Motown and Gomorrah
Girl, you know damn well you don't cry for no man.
He's gonna come around
He's gonna pull you down
'Cause he can.
He'll do you wrong, dear.
You don't belong here.
Don't get carried away.
Not again
'Cause when you go there, you never know where you're gonna land.
You gotta know who to trust and you gotta know who to lose.
Maybe the Devil's got a hold on us, but Angel,
GO Girl!!
You got your own world.
Not a cloud in your sky, but when you start your whorin'
It's starts a'pourin' and you don't know why.
You gotta know who to trust and you gotta know who to lose.
Maybe the Devil's got a hold on us, but Angel…we got you…
Blind Dove,
You'll never find love.
You're gonna find out for yourself.
So come 'round to Lot's place,
And baby, by God's grace,
We'll share the wealth.

Dustbowl/Centerpiece/Slaves are Scabs
A week of frost is cutting the cost of living in two.
The half that we have is never a match for the half that we lose.
With so much left, the mind can't forget the part that we used to use.
Then you sang:
"There are no more strangers left. They have all gone. There are no more dangerous liasions".
What you need to be is never what you want to believe til it's all you are. I take it you two have met. Be my guest. Use my bed. Feel alive, die alone. Let's hope your bad ideas bring you home.
A week of frost is cutting the cost of living in two
The half that we had is never a match for the half that we used to use.
I don't regret anything that I said.
Ain't that the meaning of youth?
Ain't that the meaning of truth?

Employee of the Moth
If there's one thing that I want in this world (that I could touch)
It's you.
And if anything I loved could've ever been enough,
It's anything you'd do.
Until you can along and hit the nail on the palm,
I was making shadow puppets waiting for the Bomb.
And then you came around!
I swear, you stared the sun down.
So I quit milking silkworms in that factory in Chinatown.
Today, we made a breakthrough.
Now I wanna know the questions you don't wanna know the answers to.
The Good Book's got so many silly psalms and still they sing to you,
But so long as they're not saying nothing new,
It's suicide or life with you.
So, tell me little sister that the only thing I'll miss is her.
And I'm sorry, Mom and Dad, about the good I got so bad at showing in return.
If I seemed insincere, it's 'cause both of us weren't here.
See, I'm better with the pedals since she always wants to steer.
If life's about regret, then I didn't have one yet.
Now I'm making waves too clean to break too desperate to forget the way Some days can make or fake you out.
Now, I wanna have the conversation you don't wanna talk about.
We've been had and sappy like a spider in a waterspout,
And I could write so many shitty songs and still you'd twist and shout So long as I'm not shouting right at you.
So, I'm not saying that it's true, but I will never, ever, ever, ever love anyone but you.

No paradise (all inferno, all the time)
I wanna live like a leper.
I wanna lose what I need.
I'm getting ready for forever.
Don't need you to pray for me.
Whatever you covet: I wanna teach it to fly.
Then I want the sky up above it.
I wanna know if you know why.
And we will be received when we shall be released.
There is no paradise to find.
There is no pair of eyes in the sky.
And the red heads of matches are like the dead Heads-of-State.
In a flash, all the fascists will burn out and fade away.
Starlight, Star bright, just a satellite.
Then the tidal waves reside and the planes and Trades collide.
The Fire and the Northern Lights just might
Show their colors to each other as the middle ground dies.
There is no paradise to find.
Yeah, there's No pair of eyes in the sky, Lord, in the sky.
I once was lost
But now am found
In the ground.

New World Order Women and the Men who Love Them
You're fearless in your heart;
You frame your worst art.
You're heartless in your fright;
You hold on sooooo tight.
Take my words and chew them up and spit them out.
At least my tongue was in your mouth
For now, there will be peace in the valley of the shadow of doubt.
Baby, you been feeding me
Bread and water and the jailhouse key
There will be peace in the valley,
but for now, walk proud.
Eat the babies who don't have enough to eat.
Shoot the children with no shoes on their feet.
Whoa-oh, there's your pollution – your institution.
We got used,
But we got our way, too.
Chew us up and spit us out.
At least you couldn't keep us down, for now.
There will be peace in the valley of the shadow of doubt
They've been feeding you and me
Bread and water and the jailhouse key123
We're gonna take this place -this mess we made- to our graves
But now, somehow,
There will be peace in the valley of the shadow of doubt
There will be peace in the valley of the shadow of death
Until the Red Sea is crashing, I'll be holding my breath
There will be peace in the valley of the shadow of death
And if we break through the valley, if we shatter the sound
There will be peace in the valley of the shadow of doubt.

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