Artist: February Fourteenth
Title: Suitcase
Release #: MIF120
Format: CD (Out of print) / Online Release

01. Organized Crime [MP3]
02. Half a Brain [MP3]
03. Day by Day [MP3]
04. Double Standards [MP3]

This EP was recorded by us in 709's lobby with a 1980's RadioShack mic and a laptop.

Artist: February Fourteenth
Title: Telephone Teeth
Release #: MIF041
Format: CD (Out of Print) / Online Release

01. Rub My Eyes [MP3]
02. 8 Years (No, Make It 9) [MP3]
03. Telephone Teeth [MP3]
04. So Much Dust [MP3]
05. So Repetitive So Repetitive So Repetitive [MP3]

This EP was recorded by Troy Bugosh on Wednesday, December 19th, 2007 in his garage.