Artist: Dane Adelman
Title: Pennies
Release #: MIF019
Format: CD (Out of Print)

01. Sycamore
02. Hemingway's Hope
03. Pennies
04. Oak
05. Oakland Avenue
06. Sequoia and the Wheelchair Plantation

Pennies is Dane Adelman's second official recording. A mini-LP produced by TJ Lipple at Silver Sony, Pennies is a full-band recording, with Lipple playing the drums and some keyboards, and Adelman playing everything else. Unlike Heaven, or A Sleeping Serpent, this recording freatures plenty of genuine rock moments ("Sycamore" and "Oak"), alongside more introspective tracks like "Hemingway's Hope" and "Oakland Avenue."

Artist: Dane Adelman
Title: Heaven, or A Sleeping Serpent
Release #: MIF018
Format: CD (Out of Print)

01. The Burden of My Dreams
02. Heaven
03. Drunk On You
04. Mouse in a Maze
05. Are the Gods Lonely Too?
06. The Laundromat
07. Hospital Bed
08. Detox and The Devil
09. Daryk Zeppy
10. Valley View Park Place
11. Kerosene Sincerene
12. A Sleeping Serpent
13. Zebra Chameleon Twig
14. Cancer in Four Years

Heaven, or A Sleeping Serpent is a throwback to both the singer-songwriter ear of the 1970's and the lo-fi movement of the 1900's. Influenced by artists such as Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell, Judee Sill, Elliott Smith, and Lou Barlow, Dane Adelman's debut album is a stripped down collection of songs that resonate powefully in their intimate setting.
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