Artist: The Anti-Corn League
Title: Milk Runs Through Our Veins
Release #: MIF070
Format: CD (Out of Print) / Digital

01. Study for Chapter 5 Test
02. Section 2 (The Christmas break of 2006)
03. Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil (Germany 1865)
04. April 25th, 2001- I was the universe [MP3]
05. Nostalgic Sunday Morning Television Program
06. Electro-negativity
07. Global and Local Changes.. He's Going for Gold?
08. Parachute Women
09. A Father's Promise to his Family: The Carnival Song
10. Milk Runs Through Our Veins

Recorded early 2008 at the Abandoned House in Vintondale, Pa, and Apt 4. of Johnstown Pa.
All Songs Written and arranged by Christopher D. Kupchella, and Derek M. Gresh.
All Songs recorded and mixed by Christopher D. Kupchella.
Mastered by Troy Bugosh.