Artist: Kelly Lanzendorfer
Title: Sky Blue Pink
Release #: MIF307
Format: Book
Release Date: October 2015
Edition of: 40
Price: $8

Details: Sky Blue Pink is a recap of fleeting Summer in the form of selected 35mm color photographs. The season is as sweet and lively, as elusive and temporary, as the distinct pink tones found in the hot blue Sky.

soft cover, saddle-sitched, 6x9", 18 pages, full color

To order a copy, email Kelly at:

Artist: Kelly Lanzendorfer
Title: Corner to Corner
Release #: MIF089
Format: Book

Details: Corner to Corner is a short story spread thinly across 40 pages. There is plenty of blank space left on each page, as this book also functions as a notebook.

The book is 8.5"x11" and features saddle-stitch binding. Black and white interior with a color photograph on the cover.