Artist: The Woods at Night
Title: MAR 2 5 2007
Release #: MIF005
Year: 2007
Format: Cassette Tape
Pressing: 25 Copies (Out of Print) / Digital

01. Black Side (05:00)
02. Red Side (05:00)

This ten minute tape ep marks both the resurrection of My Idea of Fun and the embarkation of The Woods at Night.  MAR 25 2007 is not only a collection of songs written by The Woods, but also interludes composed of field sounds (from the 24 hour period during which MIoF recorded the tape and created the artwork.)  The black side features an abridged, remixed version of Brandon Locher's "Conversations."  Each of the twenty-five tapes has a different photograph as the cover.  Available in hardcopy at shows until they run out and online as a free, complete download forever and ever, amen.

Black Side: cops, conversations, geog
Red Side: dirtmouth, bone magnet
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