Artist: The Static Transistor
Title: By Heart
Release #: MIF088
Format: CD (Out of Print) / Online Release

01.Liberty Will Not Descend To A People [MP3]
02. The Wartime Opportunists [MP3]
03. Off The Clock [MP3]
04. Locus Of Control [MP3]
05. The Beauty Myth [MP3]
06. For Beast & Bird [MP3]
07. Sleepwalk [MP3]

Liberty Will Not Descend To A People

It's gonna get worse before it gets better
We'll have to save ourselves
It's gonna get deeper before we break the surface of the water
It's gonna get steeper, but that just means we'll climb that much harder

The Wartime Opportunists

Make way for the wartime opportunists
In these days war is big business
Behind closed doors our leaders plot doomsday
We comply through our complacency
Their path to profit is paved
And it leads straight to our graves
If not us then who will stand in their way?
The wealth of few seals the fate of many
A quest for greed and global hegemony
Burning up our throats into the sky
Our weapon against an empire built on stolen lives
And we're given no names or faces only statistics
Let's put war out of business
Out of business

Off The Clock

The factory walls are cracked and broken
Our solidarity and here's a token
But not one of our appreciation
Are we really just components of a greater scheme?
Are we really the bricks that make up these buildings?
Are we the gears to their machines?
We'll make our way
Payday to payday
For one small price we sell our lives to a force that takes our light away
The space from nine to five
Has proved to be everything but prolific and alive
They've drawn the lines
And so we climb with the constant fear of being left behind
Punch in reach out
In consolidation fill in the distance shake the foundations
Who are you taking orders from?
No such thing as an honest living
Living in compromise

Locus Of Control
These rotations cannot cease
Like the world it won't slow down
The ship's capsized and I can't swim
This tide will pull you down
Our lives have slipped right through our fingers
Or were they ever even there?
Convince yourself your in control
Come tomorrow you may not be here
Stand on two feet
Or die crawling
Stand on your feet
And look death right in the eyes
I've been strapped in this ride
That we all call life
No short-cuts just one way streets
When time is up
I hope you got your moneys worth
There's no getting out alive
Death after life is inevitable
But the way we choose to live life is in our hold
You can't cheat reality
No guarantee of longevity
No one's getting out of here alive

The Beauty Myth
Feet planted stand your ground
We've been brought up to be let down
Emancipate yourself
From the screen to every glossy page
We languish in the shadow of an ideal
An ideal that we can never attain
Beneath the imagery lies and insidious plot
Never focusing on everything we are
But instead everything that we're not
We all fall down sometimes
It's not about the fall it's about the rise
We all fall down sometimes
It's your ability to read between the lies
Lets challenge all that sets us back
Let's veer off this path of self-hatred
Reclaim what they stole from you
Tear down the standards that you never lived up to
Fuck everything that they expect us to be
Here's a celebration of the real you
A celebration of the real me
Refuse to buy back your life
To blossom we must first find the seed
Inside us all
True beauty lies bone deep
Reflections revealing our greatest enemy
Defined not by what we are, but by what we see

For Beast & Bird

"From street from cage and from kennel from jungle to stall
the wail of my tortured kin proclaims the sin of the might against the frail"
I am their voice
Through me they shall speak
Injustice and oppression
Entrenched in tradition
My family tree extends beyond my sisters and my brothers
No life greater than the other
A heavy heart and a healthy mind
Is compensation for a deadly appetite
Action through compassion and consciousness
All life is precious
I'll share the air that fills my lungs
The ground that I walk upon
A kingdom of one
Equality extends beyond the boundaries of your species
I am the voice of the voiceless


We'll wake to brighter days
We'll break this canicule we all call daily life
We write the future and shed a way
For all of these dead end days
Break these days
Silence deafens me
Has the whole world fallen asleep?
When I can't believe the things I see
Is it the world or is it just me?
Just me
Apathy erodes the pillars of change
Life prospers on, but whats been gained?
The human heart's still beating
But our consciousness is slowly receding away
We'll bury our yesterdays
With the buoyancy of past mistakes
Those things you wish you had the courage to say
The maybe laters and tomorrows
Is the air we breathe just enough to get us by?
Is the air we breathe just enough to stay alive?
You my friend might as well lie down and die
Lie down and die
I scream out what do you hear?
Do my words fall upon deaf ears?
These are only words they wont stand alone
For every word let me actions follow
I won't follow I won't sleep
Rebel hearts keep the beat
Our feet take to their city streets
We're armed with a breath
Our hearts never skip a beat
Our lungs don't recognize defeat
Strike the dischord
I won't lie down and die
I won't close my eyes
With every breath
I'll scream my last