Artist: Jacob Koestler & Michael McDermit
Title: Snake Hoggin'
Release #: MIF336
Format: Book
Release Date: 10/10/2016
Edition of: 50
Price: $20.00

156 pages, 6" x 9", black and white, perfect binding, soft cover, laser cut dust jacket. Land of Many Uses: Venice CA, Siberia AR, Bagdad AR, London Bridge AR, Thoreau NM, Milan NM, Sudan TX, Cleveland TX, Iowa LA, Rome AL, Cuba AL, Columbia AL, Glasgow TN, Pittsburg TN, Portland TN, Boston TN, Versailles KY, Paris KY, Transylvania University KY, Berlin PA

Shot & conceived on the road
Los Angeles CA > Johnstown PA, summer 2016
Images & text by Jacob Koestler & Michael McDermit
Edit & assembly by Jacob Koestler
Typeface & design by Cam Bartkus
Book printed by Blurb
Cover printed with Marcus Brathwaite at think[box]

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