Artist: the headaches
Title: used to sound like this
Release #: MIF152
Year: 2010
Format: Digital

1. middle of the road
2. i took flight in the cold
3. exit musings (the faded sun)
4. bitter salve
5. leg of lamb
6. enough with the computers
7. man in full


adam bass / vocals / trombone
brian keys / trombone
dane drums
micah guitars / lead vocals

recorded november 17, 2007, at 709 railroad street, with overdubs and cha's recorded in the basement.
mixes completed, after months/years of neglect, in february 2010.
709 session engineered by dane / produced by the headaches
words+music: micah / all songs © 2010 the headaches

This album is a snapshot of what the headaches would have sounded like if you had seen us play in a freezing cold warehouse, where we would lose all feeling in our hands and feet about a third of the way through each song. These recordings started out as our effort to put together a demo to score shows. But as the band evaporated, I kept working on the recordings with the realization that they were all we were ever going to lay down. We kinda forgot about them as we played in other bands, made movies, raised families, and moved to Idaho. But I started working on some new songs recently, and it felt like as good a time as ever to finish these mixes and close this chapter, so here are seven songs. The headaches used to sound like this.
-micah, feb 27, 2010

you can contact the headaches at the.headaches at gmail dot com