Artist: Hash Patties
Title: Greasy Hot Rolls
Release #: MIF021
Format: CD (Out of Print) / Digital

01. I'm Not Crazy [MP3]
02. Go Home [MP3]
03. Mommagotshot [MP3]
04. Lazer Eyes [MP3]
05. Frenchy [MP3]
06. Landrover [MP3]
07. Tong Zu [MP3]
08. Old Folks Jokes [MP3]
09. Billy [MP3]
10. Chew [MP3]
11. Ya Scracth [MP3]
12. Maybe Eddie Knows [MP3]
13. I Want To Go To The Bar [MP3]

Bryan Jerome - Vocals and Keyboard
Nick Cota - Vocals and Scratching

Keyboard by Ryan White on Lazer Eye and Vocals on I Want To Go To The Bar.

Recorded in 122A Main St. Deep River, Connecticut - 2005.