Artist: Grape Johnson
Title: Sleeping in the Bathtub
Release #: MIF102
Year: 2010
Format: CD (Out of Print)

Details: Rave 88-94: USA by way of the UK by way of the USA 20 years later, reminding you all that HARDCORE WILL NEVER DIE!

Former member (current member in some cases) of Primal Glue, Vyvyan Waif, The Lampshades, Scott Kessler, Living Room, Rectal Baloney, Parasol, Ici Peony aaalphanumeric, Neurotic City, Caramello, Anita Petina, Million Milk 1,000, Mini- A Soggy Sprocket II, Asthmatix Crew, and many more, is now neck deep in Techno and Hip Hop. Grape now lives in New York City.

01. Hardcore Will Never Die
02. Open Your eyes (Teal Posse anthem)
03. Triptych Mirror
04. 2 Human (Forgiven Mix)
05. Digital Perm
06. Understand (Mr. Sprout Mix)
07. Thing That We Love
08. Pull The Plug (Bubble Mix)
09. Hangin' On (Keep Me)
10. Vaporizer
11. Sleeping in the Bathtub
12. This Never Happened