Artist: Anna Tararova
Title: Secret Wishes and Dark Dreams
Release #: MIF233
Format: Handmade Book
Release Date: September 2012
Edition of: 20
Details: Handprinted relief linocut coloring book. Hand-bound soft cover. Edition of 20.

A daydream of marble and gold, sequined gowns. Beautiful hair, a model, singer and a dancer. Everything so pretty in neon and glitter, everything you could ever dream of. Night time jungle fantasies, frolicking nude, wild, fancy, hungry, cold and restless. Dissolving in the dark...How am I supposed to know what to call that which I want? How am I supposed to know that I really do not want what I want? Or let's say, that I really do not want what I do not want? All of these things are fleeting: as soon as you name them, their meaning disappears...