Artist: Kid Renaissance Productions
Title: KRP: Volume One
Release #: MIF113
Format: DVD (Out of Print)

Details: Five original films from one collective mind,A bizarre amalgam of donuts and chainsaws homeless men and mustaches, vegans and Storm Troopers.A collection, best described as pure KRP, includes:

The Donut Gun: A scientist's dreams are fulfilled by his unwitting invention of a gun that, well, creates donuts. But when "the man" finds out, his dreams quickly turn into... not so pleasant dreams. The Donut Gun was well received at the 2007 Johnstown Film Festival and won the Viewer's Choice Award on the final night of the festival.

Star Wars Mania was gripping the nation in the summer of 2005, as Jedi-in-training the world 'round gathered en masse outside their local theaters in anticipation of the final "third episode" of the Star Wars Sixology. Kev Stock (& cronies) grabbed a camera, dodged some water balloons and captured the frenzy in this documentary. Double-dating in the age of misleading Internet profiles, political correctness and dubious urinal etiquette. was shown on the final night of the 2007 Johnstown Film Festival.

The Sheetz Run
: A hungry man is catapulted into his own living nightmare: a world without Sheetz convenience stores.

: One man's obsession with Charles Bronson becomes his way out of the rat race. Starring Adam Buck in the title role, Bronson was KRP's most ambitious project to date; it was screened on the final night of the inaugural 2006 Johnstown Film Festival.

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