Artist: Brook Pridemore
Title: A Brighter Light
Release #: MIF099 / CFT030
Format: CD

Details: Never content with doing one thing at a time, Brook Pridemore is both a folk singer and a punk band. He lives in Brooklyn, NY, but good luck finding him there. Perpetually on the move, Brook Pridemore is three years into a ten year plan to make every punk house, art collective, deli, service station, info shop and theater in America into his home away from home. Pridemore showers at least once a day, a feat unheard of in punk rock. He is happy to present his fourth album of original material, A Brighter Light, which whups a cheetah's ass with a 2x4.

01. Minot to Bozeman
02. The Buckeye State and Russell [MP3]
03. Overtyme
04. Remain Upright
05. Mr. Two First Names [MP3]
06. A Brighter Light [MP3]
07. Trite Fidelity
08. Just Like Nathan Hale, P.2
09. Just Like Nathan Hale, P.1
10. Endlessly
11. Song For Linda Perry
12. Stockholm St. Syndrome
13. The Year I Get It Right

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