Artist: Bethany Goch
Title: Notes From the Psychic Friend
Release #: MIF129
Year: 2009
Format: Book
First edition: 10 copies (Out of Print)

A book of poems. Typed on a manual Royal typewriter. Copied and assembled at Staples Store in Bennington, VT with the help of Maggie. Cover is cardstock paper and psychic ad (different for each print).

Table of Contents

Part One:

You Staring at That Old Flame
How We All Just Get Along
Alone is a Long Time
Folk Medicine
The Girls Who Keeps Wasps in Her Bed
Where the Carpet Bubbles
That's Not My Razorburn
The Blindness of Certain Shower Curtains

Part Two:

They Married for the Ring-bearer
Forever Isn't Tomorrow
Folk Medicine (2)
Arranging Flowers in a Jar of Tacks
That's Lipstick on Your Teeth
Reading the Good Book
A Comparative Study in: Let's See How This Feels
Like the Ostrich, My Head in the Gutter

Part Three:

How to Tend the Garden Overgrown
Call the Plumber (I'm Drained)
Notes From the Psychic Friend
If It Hurts When You Press on It
By the Time I Remembered, I Forgot
With the Buoyancy of Lead
From the Bottom of the Garbage Can
Should One Prefer Durability
Wake Me When It's Over
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