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Artist: Technological Epidemic
Album: Hollow Cost; In Processing/Blowin' in the Mind 7"
Label: My Idea of Fun
Format: Vinyl/CD, Digital
Release Date: August 16th, 2011

MP3 Previews:
Technological Epidemic - In Processing
Technological Epidemic - Blowin` in the Mind
Technological Epidemic - Red Meds
Technological Epidemic - Green Scene

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Technological Epidemic is a psychedelic noise pop quartet from Johnstown, Pennsylvania drawing comparisons to lo-fi greats Guided by Voices and Sebadoh. Their first full-length album, Hollow Cost [MIF174] follows 2010's overlooked Promotionally Yours [MIF154] EP. Combining further layers of noise, composition and dense pop sensibilities, the ten songs on the record are rooted in a cohesive albiet unnatural color pattern, with each title only two syllables long.

In conjuction with the August 16th release of Hollow Cost, My Idea of Fun is releasing a limited 7" single for the two corresponding b-sides, In Processing and Blowin` in the Mind. Technological Epidemic is one of many bands and artists from My Idea of Fun, an artist collective based out of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Not strictly a record label, My Idea of Fun has releases in various media including CDs, photo books, novels, websites, and digital downloads. It's website, www.myideaoffun.org, has links to all of these works, as well as a blog that is constantly updated by members of the collective. The band also has deep-personal ties to My Idea of Fun super group Emmett and Mary.